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nyc learning disabilities

New York special education schools

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NYC Learning Disabilities -- Accelerate Your Child's Learning with One-on-One Tutoring and Intensive Summer Programs

Orton-Gillingham Method Research-based, multi-sensory techniques for grades preK-12

  • Reading & Writing Instruction
  • Multi-sensory Math
  • Study Skills
  • Learning Disabilities Education
  • Orton Gillingham Technique
  • Early Childhood Learning Skills
  • Home & On-Site Tutoring
We specialize in providing diagnostic and perscriptive tutorial plans for each student, including initial academic assessments and expert instruction.

EBL Coaching offers the Orton Gillingham Method and teaches children with dyslexia, ADD and learning disabilities. We offer after school and weekend learning skills tutoring. EBL Coaching offers the Orton Gillingham Method, learning skills tutoring, and tutoring children with dyslexia in after school and weekend programs. EBL Coaching is located in New York City and the surrounding areas for reading, writing, reading comprehension, math, test preparation, and study skills. In addition to learning skills tutoring, EBL Coaching also offers specialized programs for children with ADD and learning disabilities. During our courses, EBL Coaching uses multi-sensory techniques to build critical learning skills. By the end of our courses, students will be prepared and armed with the tools they need for academic success. The Orton Gillingham Method was developed in the early 1930's by Anna Gillingham and a group of master teachers. Dr. Samuel Orton assigned Anna's group the task of designing a whole new way of teaching the phonemic structure of our written language to children with dyslexia. The goal was to create a sequential system that builds on itself in an almost 3-dimensional way. Thus, the Orton-Gillingham Method was created. It must show how sounds and letters are related and how they act in words; it must also show how to see a word and break it into smaller pieces. And it must be a multi-sensory approach, as children with dyslexia learn best by involving all of their senses: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. Please contact EBL Coaching for more information about our outstanding learning skills tutoring and specialized programs for children with ADD and learning disabilities.

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Mission Statement

EBL Coaching specializes in one-on-one and small group tutoring for students in grades preK-12 using research-based, multi-sensory techniques. We start with an assessment of each student to gain a sense of his or her strengths and weaknesses and the kinds of methods that are most appropriate for that student. We then put together a diagnostic and prescriptive plan for that student that is customized to his or her needs, and hand match that student with one of our instructors who is specifically trained in the most appropriate methods.

EBL Coaching

17 East 89th Street, Suite 1D New York, New York
Phone: (212) 249-0147